Cas du mois Décembre 2022 - Cardiologie pédiatrique-


Where are the pulmonary veins

A male newborn, delivered at term with a birth weight of 3kg200. The examination on the first day of life showed tachypneia with refractory cyanosis to oxygen supply. The saturation was of 80% for the 4 limbs.

A chest x-ray was performed, which showed extensive mixed type opacities in both lungs, with prominent pulmonary vasculature and apparent normal cardiac silhouette

An echocardiography shows atrioventricular and ventricular and ventricular-arterial concordance, severe dilatation of the right cavities with a large ASD  which shunts in Right- Left ( video 1 and 2 ) with severe pulmonary hypertension

what is your diagnosis?